Linkleek, the platform that boosts artists' income.

February 28, 2024

Discover the Linkleek revolution and unlock your potential as an independent artist.

With Linkleek, as an independent artist, maximizing your visibility and developing your online presence is crucial to your success. An innovative solution has emerged to help you achieve your goals:

This application, specially designed to facilitate the management of your artistic career, offers a host of features designed to catalyze your artistic journey. Here's everything you need to know about Linkleek.

Structure your artistic universe with the Linkleek platform

Linkleek lets you present who you are as an artist to your fans in a coherent and attractive way. You can share your events, communicate your news, and even give a global image of your artistic identity via photos, videos and texts.

Exchange with Your Community offers a superb platform for interacting with your fans. You can communicate directly with them, respond to their comments, and keep an eye on their level of engagement. These interactions can help you build a strong, loyal relationship with your fan base.

Share Your Art Live

With, you can share your art live with your community. It's a great way to share your creativity and give them a more authentic glimpse of your talent and artistic universe.

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Simple management of your artist space

Managing your art space is simple and easy with The intuitive interface lets you navigate easily and organize your content optimally. You can even schedule your publications in advance and evaluate their impact thanks to the statistics available.

Monetization: Turn your passion into income offers integrated monetization features to help you generate revenue. You can receive tips, requests for autographs, videos and even sales of your own merchandise.

Conclusion: Turn your dreams into reality with Linkleek

The journey to becoming a successful artist is fraught with obstacles. Fortunately, is here to help you overcome those challenges. For independent artists looking to take charge of their careers and develop their online presence, Linkleek is a complete solution, so don't wait any longer and click on the banner below to join us!

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