Does music streaming benefit small artists?

April 17, 2024

Introduction :

The music industry has been profoundly transformed by the advent of streaming, a revolution that has opened up new distribution channels for artists worldwide. However, behind the shiny facade of this new era lies a complex reality: the unequal distribution of revenues between the industry's big names and emerging artists. In this article, we delve into the mechanics of music streaming to understand why smaller artists may well be excluded from the feast, leaving the streaming "caviar" to the big-name artists alone.

Understanding how streaming royalties work

Music streaming operates on a business model based on subscriptions and advertising. Each time a song is streamed, a fraction of the revenue generated is paid to the copyright holders, mainly artists and record companies. However, the distribution of these royalties is far from equitable, often favoring the most popular artists.

How do big artists benefit from the streaming system?

High-profile artists, with their massive fan bases and millions of listens, take full advantage of the streaming system. Not only do they generate considerable revenues thanks to their high streaming volumes, but they also have the power to negotiate more favorable agreements with streaming platforms, securing them a larger share of revenues.

Obstacles faced by emerging artists in the streaming world

For emerging artists, the road to success on streaming platforms is fraught with difficulties. With limited visibility and relatively low revenue per stream, it's hard for them to compete with the industry giants. What's more, the playlist recommendation algorithm tends to favor artists who are already popular, making it even harder for newcomers to make their mark.

Strategies for maximizing revenues in a competitive streaming landscape


Despite the challenges, there are ways for artists of all levels to maximize their revenues in the streaming world. By diversifying their revenue streams, cultivating a strong relationship with their audience and exploring new monetization avenues such as exclusive content and merchandising, artists can create a more stable and sustainable financial ecosystem to support their careers.

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